Selling timeshares vs. Selling homes

My husband and sold our first home a few years ago when the market was lukewarm, but we still got it sold. Now we are trying to sell off our timeshare in Maui and it’s like selling the plague. I’ve heard that people can’t even sell them on ebay for $1. What gives?

They are overpriced and HOA fees are too much…and traditional time shares are not flexible…

On that note, I own one… :slight_smile:

Timeshares are a different animal. You are not selling real estate but an idea, a feeling an emotion. Think back to what inspired you to make the purchase and how your were targeted by the marketing firm that sold you the timeshare.

trying to sell a united states time share is difficult because the yearly maintenance fees are so high (usually upward of 600.00) You can seriously go to For Rent By Owner and rent a condo for a week for the same money.

Saying that I own one too. Mine is in Mexico though and my yearly maintenance fee is 250.00.
I havn’t personally used mine in four years. But I do let family use it for honeymoons, graduation gifts etc.
Even though we havn’t used it lately I wouldn’t sell it cause its paid for and one day soon the bitty ones will be old enough to go!
What week is yours? What is your maintenence fee? You might be better selling yours via the newspaper, or through a wholesaler.
Good luck.

Ultimately, if it is of any value, a timeshare is like an a stock option where you are buying a portion of a vacation spot at a wholesale rate vs. the more expensive retail. You’ve gotten some value out of it if you’ve saved money over staying in hotels and such. Now that you want to get rid of it, consider going to an agency like Timeshare Relief. They charge you the cost of about 2-3 years of your timeshare fees, but the timeshare is off your hands right there. It can definitely be worth it in a market where you can’t sell, especially if you have gotten some value from it already.