Selling rehab packages

Hi, I am a general contractor who has been in and out of investing for about 7 yrs now. I currently have a duplex that I am trying to to sell and I need to find a way to reach more potential buyers. Does anyone know any websites where I could list my rehab packages on.These are complete packages and include the rehabbing of the properties.I only have one available at the moment but more will be coming soon.

Try to explain what you are proposing to do a little more… I am not sure what you mean by “packages”

These are properties that I find, estimate what needs done and cost, then sell them as a package deal. I can also handle the rental management after the sale. I use what I call the 5 yr rule when looking at these properties. Say you have a property and purchase and repair is $60,000 , that property needs to rent for $1,000 per month. Making the property pay for itself in 5 yrs.

So you are looking for cash buyers?

Yes, as I do not own these properties just assigned to manage them and sell them if need be. Basically, the estimate for repairs and that amount is what I am in this for. I am a contractor, real estate is a hobby of mine and I came across a couple who really got in too deep with a property. The one I have for sale right now. They purchased it the way I see alot of people do anymore, over the internet sight unseen!! :banghead . Well the repairs are alot higher than they anticipated so they mentioned selling it and asked me if I wanted to try and sell it,so I am trying to sell it as a package deal with the renovations included. And the 5 yr rule above makes it a great investment :beer Hopefully I can find more properties in the area and get some more deals in the works.