Selling other investors properties

I was wondering if anybody could talk about wholesaling other wholesalers properties. Is this a good way to go?

gsherm123 - Before embarking on this plan, I would ask myself what can I do differently than the other investor. Why do I think I can find qualified buyers better than he can? If you can’t answer those questions, than I don’t think you could make money wholesaling properties from other wholesalers.

Good luck!

If you are going to do that I suggest doing a flex option.

I think the most irritating thing in the world is when a wholesaler tries to wholesale my wholesales. Most of the time the deals don’t go thru and lots of time is wasted.

If you want to go down that path, the best thing to do is start by finding a qualified buyer first and then finding a property. Use an option to secure your interest. show the seller the buyers proof of funds before you try to option it or the wholesaler will ignore you.

Thanks to all who answered. I do have a wholesale website set up to gather buyers info.