...selling/marketing - realtor or no realtor?

…does anyone use a realtor to market/sell their houses? If yes, why? If no, what are you tried & true techniques to getting them sold quick?

…my realtor is willing to list my house for 1%, plus the 3% for the buyers agent.

…if I market/sell it myself, do I want agents to bring prospective buyers to see it. If yes, how? If no, why?

…please advise. Thanks.

I use a realtor (my wife) to market and list our properties. The reason is that the coverage you get from the MLS and Realtor.com. The best way to sell a house quickly is to make sure it is the best product for the best price.

If you are listing it yourself it is because you want to save on commissions, so NO you don’t want agents to bring prospective buyers.

Jared - thanks.

…I’m real postive, when done, my house will easily be the best product (comp. house) out there. And price will be competitive.

…I’m considering offering “buyer assistance;” but if I do both, “buyer assistance” and “realtor commission” that is too much out of pocket profit. Which one should I choose?

How about jacking up the price a bit and offer buyer assistance with full price offer?

…yeah, I can see how that is justifiable, being that the buyer will be getting a great value for their money and with the buyer assistance the little bit extra purchase price shouldn’t be a “financing” problem/issue!! Making the deal “turnkey” should still work even at a higher asking price.

…but how will the buyer(s) see it???

If it’s truly the best house at the best price then the buyers will see it as a deal.

Depending on where you are and what you are selling, I would not pick one or the other in terms of marketing. Rather I would pick BOTH and do everything you can to get your properties sold ASAP…remember that holding costs can sink a deal rather quickly.