Selling Insurance

I recently saw a post on instagram the other day from another investor. They recommend getting your insurance license to sell home insurance as a way to supplement your investing business. It gives you passive income every year when the contract renews.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Try to have a conversation with them in the direct message(DMs) and try finding out if their service is legit.

I’d be curious about this if it’s legitimate. Any luck so far?

I would also first check whether their services are legal. As for me, I trust Instagram and I’ve ordered many services from different Instagram pages and I haven’t had an unpleasant experience associated with this. But I agree that there can be scammers everywhere and you should be careful and double-check the information. I also recently created my business page on Instagram and am studying information on how to buy real Instagram likes to increase the number of followers. I hope that I will succeed and that people will trust me and order my services.