Selling Homes in a SLOW MARKET

Besides PRICING and putting together a great house - does anyone care to share what you may be doing or what you’ve heard works well for moving houses in a slow market like this?

Marketing ideas?

Ways to attract buyers?

Lower pricing and a great product, that’s what I know. As far as marketing and attracting buyers, if it’s a great product at a low price that should bring em in. I guess what I’m saying is that if there is a secret out there besides this stuff… somebody please let me know! :beer

A realtor told me that the “trick” right now is to do the 6% sell contribution.

People are offering big screen tv’s cruises, new mustang….

Have you thought about refinancing and offer house up for Lease option… sure would cut the hold time!

:cool HEY it is the same old story !!! THINK about it guys financing financing !!!

IF you can make it as in the #s work in the right way it is all done but the spending of the money !!!

OKAY i will lay out the deal how we sell our homes and they go just about as fast as we can get them done and on the market !!

OWNER finance 1 ) get a apprasial in place they are only good for about 6 months 2 ) price the home at full apprasial WOW no way yes way 3 ) offer finance a t the following terms 10 % down a owner contract for 15 years or 20 with a balloon due in 1/2 the time of the contract

THEY are very hard to find but i have found three new ones as our old ones shut down shop >>> most of them you have to go through there brokers or people they approve of !! BUT the good point is this you can find out based on the whole contract and the buyers fico 600 or better is best >>>> just what you will get payed at the close of your note sale !!! WOW WOW what a deal and you are in out and got paid just like that !!!

Assuming that your property is priced appropriately, owner financing would be the most compelling offer you could make.

In a close second are seller concessions—forget about TVs, cruises, etc., use the seller concessions to offer:

  • A temp. or perm. interest buydown
  • A no closing cost mortgage
  • Combo of both

Give some consideration about partnering up with your mortgage broker to combine the seller concessions with an in-house lending solution—as your buyer’s financing is the last & most critical component of your exit strategy, why leave it to chance?


Scott Miller

I love owner financing, It works great…
I wont do them anymore unless I get an insane amount of money down! Plus I make the “note” balloon in 1-2 yrs.

Here in Florida (and I’m sure everywhere else) If they don’t pay you have to foreclose. That process is a nightmare!

if you do a lease opt. the “right” way, its an evition- much faster!

:cool HEY lucky but did you read my whole post ?? IF you do a simultaneous close you do not care if later they do not pay !!! AS you are out of the deal with your money !!!