Selling dead leads to realtors/mtg brokers

Recently became aware that this strategy. I get plenty of leads that I can’t close on for various reasons. Selling these “dead” leads could be a nice little cashflow producer from what I understand, but I have no idea how to go about it.

Anyone doing this? How can I capitalize on this opportunity?

If you have your real estate license then they can pay you (through your broker) for your leads.

Otherwise, Real estate agents can be great assets! Have a couple of realtors on your team so you learn who specializes in which types of properties.

Tell them you get LOTS of leads and then see what you can work out with them:

  1. will they run comps for you if needed?
  2. will they bring you their fixer-upper properties FIRST?
  3. will they tell you about their bank owned listings that they have FIRST?
  4. will they bring their buyers to your properties you need to sell to retail buyers?
  5. will they present offers for you for other listed properties

etc. etc. etc.


Makes sense. However that would probably not work for my situation, because I get leads for properties located all over 2 different states. I only work within a 50-mile geographical vicinity, but I frequently get leads located hundreds of miles from me. There’s nothing wrong with the leads themselves, they’re just out of my area.

I did find a website that “recycles” leads in this manner, they pay $10 per lead sold. I posted 20 leads and so far 3 days later no sales. Not sure how much marketing they’re applying to this service; had to Google myself to death just to find the site. I think the problem is they’re selling the leads for $25 each on the other end WITHOUT even disclosing the property address before they buy it. I know I wouldn’t be jumping up and down to pay that much for one lead, just to find out they overstated the ARV. I understand why they don’t disclose the address before selling it. But somebody can buy a list of leads for much less per lead.

I would like to sell these useless leads not only to Realtors but to loan officers, attorneys, etc as well. But I can’t figure out how to implement this throughout a whole 2-state area. I understand Ron Legrand has a student named Justin that has a course on this very subject but I can’t find it either.

Wow, another RE grey hat method? :slight_smile:

This site helped me. :slight_smile:

Just scan a few articles and then come back here, tell us what you guys think.