Selling Beneficial Interest

If one sells their benefical interest in a land trust to their end-buyer and the end-buyer closes the deal at closing, then how would one guarantee they get paid their fee for selling their beneficial interest?

I’m assuming the property is a “subject to” deal. You would sell the house as usual with a contract. Use your closing attorney to structure the deal so that the transfer only occurs if the buyer brings cash to the table as if you were transferring title. Make sure you use a contract, that spells out the terms and your closing attorney.

This is in reference to an REO deal with an unassignable contract.
I was thinking of selling my beneficial interest to my end-buyer then letting my end-buyer fund and close the deal.
I was looking for a procedure to ensure that I get paid my fee/profit.

do a double close if the buyer is bringing his own cash. If the buyer is getting a conventional bank loan, it’ll be hard to make it work.

Borrow the funds from a private source and then pay them back after closing