Selling / Assigning an accepted contract

I did all the work here. The value of the property is 1.2 MIL, my contract is signed for 700K. Thats 500K sitting there as equity. I can not fund this anymore and need to get rid of it. The escrow money required is only 2% = 14000.

I know the sellers personally, he is sick and now lives at the hospital. I just want this to close this for him I don’t need to make anything.

This is a 16 unit all brick building in Chicago IL.

The contract is signed “Atkins Investments and/or Assigns”
Handing this over is as hard as signing the contract.

Any questions call, I have any info needed.

Atkins Investments


I may have someone that may be interested. I will contact you today.


I also will contact you on the 10th. I maintain a list of high net buyers.
Take care.
Kevin Robinson

you can email me at if you like.