Selling advice please

I would appreciate any expert help in order to accomplish 4 things.

  1. Selling or L/O to my renters in AZ.

  2. Pulling out the equity in a smart way

  3. Using my money wisely

  4. Asset protection advice

Here’s my scenario.
I recently obtained 2 lines of credits (160k) @ prime +.50 from two Phoenix homes.
I did it for emergency purposes or if a great deal came up.

Each house has about 100k equity and still appreciating. The renters have been eager to buy or do a L/O. I’ve held these properties one year.

My questions:
Do I use the lines now before I sell or do a L/O?

Or should I sell first and then take it as boot?

Should I offer some kind of seller financing? Perhaps a wrap?

Currently I am buying 3 houses in Texas.
Would I have enough time to do another 1031 with the last 2 due to close on Jan. 20?

I have tons of write-offs this year so I am not really concerned about paying taxes on another 100k boot.

Would I be better off doing a L/O or sale? What are the benefits to the seller?
What is the best way to pull out the equity tax-wise if I didn’t do a 1031?

I have no experience in selling other than having my agents sell my last 2. I would like to know what are my choices in structuring these next 2 deals.

Also, I have about 100k left on my home equity line.
If I invested that in more higher interest notes and also carry enough umbrella liability insurance on everything, would that give me enough asset protection if I were to be sued?

Is it better to live off borrowed money for both tax purposes and also for asset protection?

If I were to use all my available money to invest or to live off, would that mean that if somebody tried to sue me, then they really wouldn’t get much?
I am really confused. Sorry for the dumb questions, but I really need to understand how that all works.

I hear so many opinions on this topic.
Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks a million.