Selling a Cash Buyers List

I’ve spent some time compiling data on cash buyers here in my area. I was curious as to what thoughts other wholesalers about purchasing an existing buyers list. It would have names, contact info, property(ies) purchased, price as well as size. I can make a very generic list or get very specific. I could even make a list of landlords as well.

Is that something you would want as a wholesaler? If so, what would you be willing to pay a list with that information?


Hey Sruddell,
If you want to make some money find junk houses, finding buyers is the easiest part. Once you have some insane deals you have to beat off the buyers and you will build a buyers list very quickly that way just by advertising your deals on Craig’s List.
Now stop screwing around, find deals.

PM me about Orlando, FL.

Check out this thread on building a cash buyers list,61000.0.html

I listed quite a few. Looking to gather a list of all the best places to build a list.