Sellers worried. What if they trash my house?

Can any of you give me advice on handling sellers that can’t get past the fact that someone will be occupying there home for years and they are still ultimately responsible. “I can’t just walk away and let anything happen without worrying about it, I am still going to be the owner.” “What if someone destroys my nice house?”, they keep asking. Somehow I think my answer of, “Yeah, good point.”, isn’t working. :rolleyes


You should be assuring them that its not their responcibility anymore. When you do the deal, it will be YOURS! If the tenant/buyers trash the place its your to fix, not the owners, If you cant assure them of this then my opinion is you shouldnt do the deal. Also, let them know they can check in on the house a couple of times a year if it makes them feel more comfortable, but they must call you to set it up with the t/b’s. Usually this isnt a problem and it may ease both of your worries.

Although you can try to reassure them as CHB1 suggests. I’ve found that there’s a word to describe sellers who are more worried about possible damage than they are about doing the deal. That word is: UNMOTIVATED.

I’ve answered all kinds of objections all kinds of ways and you know what I’ve discovered? It’s a waste of time. If the seller says just about anything other than: “Yes I want to do the deal, where do I sign?” Then you have a major uphill battle on your hands. Who needs that? Not me thank you, I’m getting too old to try to change people’s minds!

Let me ask you thing question spleano,

Are you giving them any information like FAQ’s? If so take that part out.

Thanks Guys. Good points, as usual. I did have a FAQ’s sheet once. Glad I got rid of it early. :cool