Sellers Lawyer Now Bidding Against Me

Just recently negotiated a deal for 285K. The sellers contacted her lawyer to draw up the contract. Next day she calls me to say her lawyer offered her 15K more. Originally wasn’t going to conter bid, but I did just to keep my options opened. Final price was 305K to buy the house. I think the sellers lawyer thought the price was too low so he played this “bid game” to raise the price, BUT he also may have really wanted the house to flip for himself. Either way, it will cost me $20K more for this house.

I know this is a cut throat business, but, has anyone had this happen to them and what can I do in the future to prevent this happeneing again?

That sux…stabbed in the back by a proffessional. What are the compensating factors that would enable you to go 20k more? If they are playing games and there are no compensating factors it might be time to walk. Just tell the seller keep you in mind if the deal doesn’t go through and if they come back to you tell em you working on another deal and you would have to reduce your offer by 5k or so in order to get back on board-