Seller Very Motivated

Please advise; I have a motivated seller with several properties she wish to sale due to being a landlord by her self, she no longer want too, she wants to relocate.

As a new property locator, what is the best solution to give. I would like to invest in this deal. Will I need a hard money lender? What can I offer her?

All comments are welcome

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It depends on what your strategy is. Do you want to wholesale it or rehab it?

What you offer her is depended on the ARV find out what that is and than find out what your MAO(Maximum Allowable Offer)is from that. The MAO formula is:

65-70% of the ARV - Repairs - Assignment Fee(if you are going to wholesale this out to an end buyer).

This is an easy question solve her problem. Try to get creative and go from there. Ask the seller what she needs then shut up she’ll spill the beans works every time.

Thank you for the suggestions

Happy Holidays!!!