Seller responded to My Letter 4 Years Later.

A seller called me today from some desert town in Puma AZ & said he got a letter back in 2013 from me asking to buy his house. He tells me he recently received 2 other letters and pulled out mine and called me first because he thought with all the interest he might be missing out on something.
I laughed and told him, you are missing out on something, a big wad of cash. That seemed to get him tongue tied and stuttering. When he regained his composure & caught his breath of course he wanted to know how much I wud pay him.

He has 2 houses on a 1/2 acre in a small farming town here in central California, not sure I can do anything with it cuz they are in too good of condition, for what I usually flip, but seller is out of state and wudnt tell me how much he was renting them for. So I suspect some renter issues. I’ll give him a 60% cash offer and see what happens.
Can you imagine this Country boy holding on to one of these letters for 4 frikin years?

The phone has been ringing today, it seems when the sun comes out people want to buy and sell.
Let’s make some Money…

Something I’ve recently realized is that there’s a whole other group of “investors” who buy properties. They aren’t professional investors, but they buy pretty houses at damn near market value. One of my FB friends who I grew up with kept posting “For Rent” ads on Facebook, they were all nice houses in nice suburban neighborhoods. I got to doing some research and saw what they paid for them, any where from 90-95% of market value. I messaged them and they are planning to buy 10+ similar houses this year in that town. Needless to say they are now on my buyers list.

Pull a list of all cash buyers in the same neighborhood as this house, and find the ones who paid more than what your typical pro’s would pay. Skip trace them and give them a call. “Hi, can I speak to Mark please? Mark, my name is Luke, are you the owner of 123 Main Street? Great, I have another house right around the corner that I’m looking to sell and was wondering if you’re buying more houses right now? You are, outstanding. I’m having people swing by this Saturday at 1PM if you’re interested. Great, see you there!” Have a “showing” at the house and make sure they all show up around the same time, create a feeding frenzy. This is a way to squeeze another 10%+ profit out of your pretty house deals.

Or, if the seller is willing to sell subject to, you could buy it sub2 and retail it. If they need cash at closing, that’s something you’d could negotiate.

It’s called “mastery”. Or the longer you spend in the game, the more that becomes possible.

Prospects becoming customers after 4 years is ONLY possible when you stick around. I’ve started apply this concept to my businesses and it’s working wonders. I apply it to everything I’m doing, mainly direct mail communications and email.

This is awesome. I have heard about advantages of direct mail marketing a lot. They are measurable, they have high reachability and yield good results in long term, but 4 years is just unbelievable for me. This proves how direct mail marketing is still powerful even in the age of digital marketing and the Internet.