seller lead follow up system and tracking

can anyone recommend what they use for a lead follow up system? preferably one that does tracking and is easy to use.

this needs to be simple for VA’s and admins to use.

any info you can share would be great.

There are a number of purpose-built systems out there but we’ve always used off the shelf CRM with a little bit of customization for our business.

Currently we use ZoHo CRM - cheap, customizable, and it’s SaaS so any of your employees can use it from anywhere. Supports web-forms and auto-importing of new leads into the system, workflow, automated follow-up, Google Apps integration, etc.

However regarding VAs - my company is in the business of selling leads to investors, and by for the number one most common problem I see with real estate investors is poor follow up - or outsourced follow-up.

First is speed of follow-up. This is how fast you (or someone who can answer all their questions, not a VA) get the home sell on the phone after they’ve contacted you via your web site or left you a voice mail on your phone. It’s measured in seconds and email doesn’t count. If it’s taking more 15 minutes on average to get back to a prospect, you are missing a LOT of deals. There’s a huge amount of research that backs this up.

Second is a drip campaign. Let’s say someone is a tire-kicker and isn’t quite ready to sell yet. They should receive an email every few weeks to a month for the rest of their life - or until they say they aren’t interested any longer. Email marketing is nearly free, and as long as you aren’t spammy and provide real value it keeps your name in front of your prospects for a long time. This can be entirely automated (i.e. Infusionsoft) and is a good use of VAs.