Okay. Here goes. I’m a new investor just starting out, so I 'm focusing on wholesaling unitl I can get some money and credit established. I was looking at this one property, though, and I decided I wanted it for myself to buy and hold. Well, unfortunately, unless I find someone to go in on it with me, my credit isn’t good enough to purchase it myself. It is listed with a realtor and my realtor showed it to me. I was thinking of making a double offer. One cash. One terms. How do I do that with a property that’s listed like that? I mean, how do the realtors get paid?? And can that even be done?

:cool AMBERG do not be a fish out of water here flopping from thing to thing

BY this you said your credit will not get it done >>> so you want to wholessale tell credit is fixed up ? THEN stay this line it is best .

DO not let your personal out look get in the way keep in mind this is a business >>>> if you forget this you will be a fish out of water

Yes, I know what you’re saying. It’s just such a great deal, it makes me cringe at the thought of giving it to another investor. I agree, though. Never be an octopus on roller skates, right? Thank you for the response.


I’m not saying it never happens but there are very very very very very few great deals that ever come from a realtor represented listing. Especially if your trying to wholesale. All the other investors would have already seen this deal by now and they have passed. Move on…