Seller financing..

Is it possible to get to 100% financing by getting a conventional 1st and using a seller carry 2nd for an investment property?

Would get something like an 80% or 90% 1st Stated conventional loan and then would a seller carry be allowed behind this to 100%?

:cool YES but it could get a bit messy as banks and loan places may not give you a loan as you would be a bit of a high risk as you would have no funds in the property !!

YOU would be better off if you could do it with the seller//// seller finance with 5 to 10 % down and then the seller sell the note for 75 to 80 % of face value !!

I’ve been looking at this for a way to sell properties. A lot of banks have cracked down on allowing a seller 2nd. A lot of the seller 2nds were fake loans that sellers would forgive. You have to find a lender that allows it.

There are other creative ways to attain 100% financing. It helps to get creative, think outside the box. The trick is to give the lender more than they ask for and appeal to their greed at the same time. You also need to reduce their risk or if possible eliminate it…