Seller financing w/ wrap - new to this (in TX)

never mind.

I’m not an expert and don’t know Texas Law but your numbers don’t work for you. You need 18K for CC"s, 7K down = 25K. You were offered 20K down its greater than 20%. So 20K down - 25K = -7K then subtract RE commission and your puke closing costs, then forget it.
Your right the post was long but the idea isn’t bad, keep thinking. Most Mortgages aren’t assumable. IMO.

Well the unsolicited offer was just what brought the idea to light, its not that one guy or nothing. And 20% would be $28k, but I see what you’re trying to say. Even so, its not a requirement that the CC debt is payed off entirely, I was just pointing out best case parameters…

Any input on the general questions re:attorney/CFD/taxes/insurance?