Seller Financing Still a good business model?

I am a seasoned “Lonnie Deal er” who is planning on moving up to single family homes. I am trying to decide whether I should become a landlord for these homes, or if I should continue my “Lonnie Deal” business model, i.e. fix them up and sell them with owner financing.
I pretty much have a grasp on the typical pros and cons for each (dealer taxes vs. tax deductions, giving up ownership vs. no management headaches, etc…) and might actually be leaning towards selling for top dollar and owner financing.
My big worry though is how the coming possible big government intrusion into mortgage contract law by pandering politicians might affect the profitability of my business. I’ve never been one to take advantage of less knowledgeable customers in my Lonnie Dealing, and usually will go out of my way to help my buyers through a bad stretch (sometimes to my detriment!). However, with the much larger dollar amounts and time frames involved with single-family homes, I’m concerned about having my rights (and with them, my profits)as a lender taken away.
What do you veterans think? Should I forget about starting my own rehab/mortgage business and go into rentals? Or are you not that concerned?


I try not to base my business decisions on what could happen. Make your plan for the present with contigencies. My .02.