Seller Financing and 1031 Exchange

I saw a post over 120 days old and I don’t undersand it, so I am asking the question again.

I have a property the owner is willing to carry back financing on.

Is she, the seller, still under the same 45 day requirement fo a 1031 exchange? Can she wait until we do refinancing in a year after I rehab the property to do a 1031 exhange?

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the time clock for identifying replacement properties for a 1031 exchange starts when the title is transferred

Thank you for the quick response. I am meeting with the seller in the morning.

Depending upon the structure of the deal, the amount of financing the seller carries back will be taxable even though the seller may be structuring a 1031 exchange.

Why are you worried about the seller’s tax consequences? Structure a deal that makes sense to you instead of worrying about how the seller will be taxed on the deal.

Nothing you asked about a 1031 exchange is correct. You will have to give us a direct link to the old post so we have a better context for your question.