seller finance

does anyone know attorneys or companies in houston area good at seller finance? i am looking for some company to do all the paper work… thanks

Ask around for recommendations at one of your local REI clubs.

I agree. Local REI clubs are a bounty of information. Just be prepared before attending.

  1. You are a new face, why should they share their secrets with you
  2. LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN (you aren’t the greatest thing since slice bread)
  3. Make a list of items you intend to accomplish prior to attending the meeting
  4. Allow plenty of time before and after the presentation to talk with the “regulars” leaving the meeting immediately after the presentation is probably the BIGGEST mistakes those starting out can make.

The most valuable resources at any REI Club are the attendees/members that have been around for years actually investing locally. Be sure to make note of them. Talk with them, network with them.

Just get on the phone and
start dialing…

Ask them if they do owner
financing transactions…

Pretty simple…