Seller CarryBack

Hi, I’m thinking of trying to purchase aan apartment complex that was recently renovated. 30% occupied ; 72 units totaled(the seller will start a drive for 100%) however, the list price is $1.4 Million. I just received an email that he was willing to do some carryback. My question is to purchase this property with no money down how can I create terms that would allow this. How much carryback would I have to propose and it’s term?


I am not a commercial expert, but if the seller wants to have his portion secured by the building, in other words, his portion would be a lien on the property, the lender would consider this 100% financing and you would be unlikely to find a commercial lender who will do the deal.

If the property has a DSCR (Debt-Service-Coverage-Ratio) of atleast 1.20 and you put 5% of your own skin into the deal you can get 95% CLTV.

It all depends on the loan programs that’s available to you. I’m guessing that the seller would possibly end up carrying 20-25% of the market value.