Self Offers

Is there anybody here that makes offers not using a real estate agent. If so, how do you actually go about it. I am guessing I would need to find a Title company for the earnest money and then write an offer and fax it to the listing agent. As you can see I a very new. However, any response are welcomed. Thanks, Joe.

It is customary for the seller to pick the title company because they usualy are paying the tab. You may want to contact the listing agent and actually let them do the offer for you. I have sent offers to listing agent as cobroker and also as just the buyer. You can fax the offer too using the sellers title company and fax a copy of the em check made out to the title company. Several options. I personally like person to person.

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There’s not much too making the offer…it’s the following up that’s the trick. Ted’s right about it being customary for the Seller to pay the Owner’s Title Policy, but If I’m buying, I negotiate hard to use my title company so I’ll know that any objections I make to the Commitment are taken care of properly. If the property is listed by an agent and you’re not going to use an agent to represent you, you have all the leverage in the world since the listing agent will likely collect 6% commission rather than the usual 3% he/she would get if you had an agent represent you. I’d use that as leverage big time! You can actually have the listing agent write up the offer for you on the TREC promulgated forms, but remember, the listing agent’s job is to get the best deal for the Seller, not you. New investors / rookie buyers are easy pray for a seasoned agent. You might consider having an agent represent you until you’re a little more versed in putting transactions together. Just a thought. Good Luck.