Self-Directed Roth 401k

Hello…can anyone tell me if they participate in a self-directed roth 401k or solo k? If so, can you explain a little bit about it and who and how to set one up? Any info. is much appreciated…I have heard alot about these but my accountant has told me they are not as beneficial as advertised because of the custodial fees.

We have one. Custodian fees run about $600 per year plus a fee when you make a new investment.

great…thanks for the link and info.

The best Self-directed Roth IRA is EquityTrust: Make sure you work with an investment/ a real estate CPA, or a tax account for tax saving advantages and asset protection as well as entity structures. My accountant told me the same thing and I found a corporate CPA. My main focus is on 1031 exchanges as part of my investment strategy. I am a newbie as well…Good luck.