Self Birddogging?

I drove around my neighborhood and the adjacent neighborhoods and found 26 properties in areas that are being built back up. In my city, there are a lot of areas of old, big, old houses that were built in the early 1900’s and have become ran down and are being renovated and sold for a ridiculous profit. For example, for a while, in the historic part of town, the city was selling these once beautiful but severly damaged houses for $1! Sure you may have to put 60 or 70 thousand to rehab it, but after they are rehabbed, they’re selling for 300-350 thousand! I wanna get on this bandwagon. What should I do wit the 26 houses I found abandon and boarded up and bank owned? I’m ready to move.

what area are these homes in ?

Between lower middle class to upper middle class.