Selecting a Title Co

I wanted to know if there is anyone here that could suggest a title company in CA. I have some possible deals lined up and I need to lock this down before I take some more steps in getting the property. any help is appreciated it.

ask around at your local REI club, or other investors in your area. If you don’t have any or know any, pick up the yellow pages, and call all the little ones. (No First American, LandAmerica, Stewart, etc etc)

I’m assuming these are some that your suggesting. I’ll check those out asap. any others?

Just the opposite. He is suggesting you avoid those companies mentioned.

oh i see. well if that is a list of who not to trust, then who is the best to work with? I am in CA.

Do you want me to call them for you too?? :banghead

WOW!! I thought this site was used to get valuable info from EXPERIENCED investors who have done this before, but you my friend are making other members and this site look very bad. Like the old saying goes “if you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all” but I do appreciate your attempt at being helpful.

Maybe if you’d take your head out of your ass and actually READ the valuable information being given to you, you wouldn’t recieve posts like that.

This site is a resource. People like ME, take time out of their busy days to post and share their experience. You asked a question regarding selecting a Title Company. I told the best way to find a good, investor friendly Title Company. You chose to skim my post, and not actually READ it, because you assumed I was telling you to contact those companies, not avoid them. I gave you a blueprint of how to find a good investor friendly title company. I’m not in CA, so I can’t give you a name of a company I’ve used or that I know. I instead told you the best way to find one. Whether you choose to follow the advice or not, is not my problem.

Reading comprehension. It will get you a LONG way, especially here.


WOW :shocked! By the way that was VERY professional. I’m surprised the moderators here haven’t commended you on your unique way of giving advice. So to end all, thanks for responding but next time try not to get upset so quickly because it makes you look like an idiot. Just a thought! :biggrin

As a disinterested third party, I’d like to opine that though slondeau was a tad severe, you did pretty much completely ignore or misread his helpful response.


Well, while I may have been a bit of a prick, what I said is true. You asked for advice, and I gave you pretty good advice to help answer your question. If you pay attention to what is said here, the advice is invaluable. If you ignore what is said, and do what you want to do anyway, you won’t make it very far.

I’m just seeing this thread now and I’ll chime in. Let me just start by saying that asking for a referral is against forum policy, asking HOW to find a specific type of company is allowed. See this thread for details:,29/action,display/threadid,1187.html

For future reference please ask how to find things not for a specific referral. As for slondeau, you were a little harsh…please try to be a little nicer to the newbies in the future. He missed your point initially but come on, take it down a notch.

No problem… I’m generally nice to everyone, especially newbies (hell I am still learning and asking questions!) I have little patience for laziness and not paying attention however.

My “want me to call them for you too?” was supposed to be joking, but a head banging smiley with no other hint I was being a smartass probably didn’t help! :S

Noted and apologize to the newb for being so harsh. Next time though, pay attention. :slight_smile: :beer to your success…

Thank you for taking the time to check this. I will definitely take this into consideration in my future posts. slondeau, no hard feelings buddy and thanks for responding I really appreciate it. As I’m sure everyone here knows the NEWB position is very challenging and we all want to dive in :biggrin but I want as much info as possible in my arsenal before doing so. So… here’s to getting over our NEWBness :beer