- Anybody ever use it?
Is this site “sucker bait”, or do they have legitimate listings?
There’s a registration fee that gets you in for a year.
Supposedly they have a database of siezed property,
foreclosures apparently, from all over the US.
I’m curious, but not enough to risk my dollars.
Anybody ever sign up?

I don’t know whether they have legit listings but there is no contact info on the site. The only way to report a problem with the site is through an online form, and when submitting questions all I have gotten is an automated email giving me the exact same form response regardless of what the actual question was.

Thanks Redtigress.
I don’t know why I took an interest in that site other than because they claimed to have listings for my area.
That, and I guess because I was tired at the time.
Too susceptible to “Sucker Bait” when I’m tired. :frowning:

Isn’t seized property information publically available through various agencies such as Dept. of Treasury? I think u can find alot of this information yourself. They even have gov’t auctions.

I find alot of these HUD listings, Foreclosure listings website not to be really worth it. You can go to your county courthouse and do most of the research yourself.

Most of these types of sites are not kept up to date. All seized property, foreclosures, auctions can be found in public record or other locations. I think all these sites want is your money. Take realty trac for instance. I signed up for their free trial. Most of the information contained in there was available in MLS. I am at an advantage being a realtor but if you work with one you have access to pretty much the same data that they want you to pay $39.95/mo for. When cross referencing what they had in their database to MLS a lot of the homes were already sold.

Just for GP here is the information for the registration of the site:

NMG Online
Ste # 3989
111 74
Stockholm, NA 111 74

Registrar: 000DOM
Created on: 30-MAR-04
Expires on: 11-NOV-06
Last Updated on: 27-DEC-05

Administrative, Technical Contact:
NMG Online
Ste # 3989
111 74
Stockholm, NA 111 74

This website is a scam…along with a few other ones these people have put on. Here is an interesting read.

Basically they have a ton of other useless scam sites.

Shane :wink:

Best way to find PRE-Forclosure and Forclosures is to got to your local court house.

Thats it!