Seeking Private money for Lakeside, AZ project at 30% LtoV 70K loan. 619 credit

I live and have been investing in a smaller community where there is not an abundance of private money (lenders) available. The lenders that I have heard of and am trying to contact are located in Tucson (4 hours away). I am a seasoned and experienced real estate professional and investor. Made a few costly mistakes during a 6 month timespan over 8 years ago that had cost me my high credit score built up over 9 years prior to 2000. Have not utilized any credit since or made any attempt to rebuild my score, which is only at 619 (per Experian 12/07). Just paid $90,000 cash for my home and residence in 4/07. My past 6 real estate investments which were all successful and profitable were done with all cash and seller financing. I am currently seeking a private lender for a development project that will be secured at around 30% LtoV (secured by borrower’s personal residence and project). Needed loan amount will be for $70,000 for 12 months. I have a complete and detailed plan for the project and the land is paid for free and clear. Also have paid a deposit that is holding the doublewide manufactured home that will be set up on the back lot. I currently have a private lender that offered me a $50k loan w/ 5pts up front at 14%apr and no payments till end of 12 months. I was seeking a loan for $70k w/2-4pts up front at 8-12%apr for 12 months secured by a knowledgable and experienced investor and loan collateral of <50% LtoV. This is not my last project and I am hoping to find a friendly and workable private lender that is looking for a mutually trusting and profitable relationship for this and future ventures.