Seeking Mentor for Owner Financed Property Sale

Hello All,

I am seeking a mentor to help me in my first owner financed property sale. I am being forced to relocate due to my active military status (last move though!) and will need to move my property. I have been investing in my knowledge base up until now, and do not feel 100% confident in going at this myself (did not plan to start investing for 6 more months or so) However, my family home has turned into my first investment property and I need some assistance setting up a deal.

If anyone would be willing to assist me I would be more than willing to repay you for your services in any way possible. If youd like to contact me privately my email is attached here to my profile, or please feel free to respond within this post.

I will provide a quick overview here

El Paso, Texas 79938
New Construction (Built 2013)
Gated Community
3 Bed 2.5 Bath
1521 sq ft
currently owe 129k
Appraised at 139.5k

Seeking to owner finance or Lease to own. Thanks for any help in advance!

Thought I would provide all with a little more information on the property.

Here is the listing (essentially created as a rental)

Any advice is beyond welcome!!!

You bought that house for less than $150K?

What a unique and attractive home…!

And the pool?

You won’t have one ounce of a problem seller financing that place.

I’ve never seen a house in that price point with this level of custom features…

Good job!

That k you very much! The housing market here in el Paso is very unique in itself, there are bountiful amounts of builders that are getting into bidding wars (my biggest opponent for selling normally) however, if structured properly it seems I have a decent unintentional first deal and hopefully this will set me up for future aucessfull investments in California. :beer