Seeking Guidance...

Hello Everyone,

Im seeing guidance. I’m a young entrepreneur, who absolutely loves business. I’m not to familiar with the Real-estate field, so please for give my ignorance.

Brief summary:

I’m twenty two years for age, working full time for an engineering firm as a test engineer. How intriguing that might sound it really isn’t. I also attend school part-time and I have a part-time business. Okay, enough of the boring stuff.


I have been quite interested in the Real-estate field and now i’m seeking guidance. I wanted to know how everyone felt about building or buying a duplex. Why I said Building first my farther is a general contractor, so it wouldn’t be a problem for him to build a duplex for cheap. I also have an investor that is would like to pertisapate in my conquest. As a first time investor in the real-estate field I was wondering how everyone felt about investing into DUPLEXS? I have also been reading up on “TIC” Tenants in common, However, I few question to ask if anyone has dabbled with program. I’m not looking to get rich in short period of time. Like I said before I’m an entrepreneur, so I know how the waiting process goes. “I’m just looking for a mentor to set me in the right direction and create a passive income.”

I greatly appreciate an advice given.

Thanks Jason

God Bless

if your dads a contractor and you got a invester you have a big jump start. you might want to start out buying rehabb’s and doing quick filps short sale, you could make $5000 to $10000 sell to your invester friend, he could sell them or rent them out.or he could partner up the money for rehabb, and he have good criedt, put so much down, on the houses with the rite to re sell and closed in 3o to 90 days. sell the house before closeing to other buyer. do transfer to old owner. your name dont even show up. the money is to transfer with a tilte co. you 50-50 the deal you might have to go 3 ways. you can make 26 to 36% over asksing price. and only holded the title for two years.