Seeking Contract & Assignment Agreement for Wholesale Deals

Greetings All! I’m a new investor who is seeking the following paperwork for wholesale deals:
A) A contract that will allow me to assign deal to another investor as well as include exit clauses.
B) An assignment agreement.

Can anyone help or advise me where to go to find paperwork!

I’m new to Real Estate investing as well, but can’t you just use a standard Residential Purchase Agreement and add “yourname or assignee” as the buyer.

Well here’s the deal, I’m looking to start my real estate investing career off by wholesaling. So I’m specifically looking for a contract that will include the following:
A) Clauses that will allow me to assign to another investor
B) Contingency clause based on house inspection
C) A clause that will allow me to terminate the deal if I choice to, but I will forfeit the earnest money.

I would like to see how a contract looks with the following exit strategies when dealing with a seller. Finally, how does a assignment agreement look.

If you are a wholesaler can you please share some examples.



  PM me and I'll take care of you.


I’d like to get some information too. Would you mind sending me some? thanks.

I went on website and got their package on contracts. The contracts they had were purchase and sell. All the contingencies were there and there were excellent sources that helped me streamline what I wanted to do as an investor. Good luck