Seeking advice

Hi everyone,

Currently, I have the opportunity to acquire a few properties. The goal is to acquire, buy and hold for cash flow. Currently, we have $100K available for down payment. I also have a SFR free and clear that is valued around $60K.

Would this be a great deal to present to the private lender or does it need some adjustments.

ARV $500K

Loan Request of $325K (acq/rehab/close/holding)
Term 60 months
13% Interest

Annual Debt Service $42,300 I/O

SGI $90K
OE $31,500 (Ins/Taxes/Maint./Reserv/Mang.)
Annual Net Income $58,500
ROI 18%
BTCF $16,260.04

Thanks in advance to any one that responds. :banghead