Seeking a hard money lender in MS

:wink: How do I find a loan for a property for rehab and retail totalling $60,000. This property is located in Jackson, MS and appraises for $85,000.

Hello, Do you have comps and docs to support your appraisal?

I have run comps in the area. This is a hot area right now!

Hello, Are you ready to move on this project immediately? Do you have some funds or collateral ready for fees? Are you willing to set up a proposal to send out to lenders?

we would lend 65% of the after repaired value…and possibly escrow for repairs… how did you make out during the hurricane??


Several of the Major Lender’s have sent out notices that properties located in the states hit by the hurricane that are already in underwriting or have had appraisals completed prior to the disaster, must be resubmitted and re-appraised :frowning: