Securing Your Bandit Signs

What do you use to secure/put up your signs?

Do you purchase the “H Wires” from the sign companies or do you have a cheaper method?


I use the half stakes, “H” style,

9 gage steel
15 inches tall
10 inches wide
welded steel

$67.50 for a box of 50. If anyone knows of better prices please let me know.

H style half stakes seem to do the trick for me as well. Been using them for a little while now and as far as I know, haven’t had any problems.

For real staying power…go out after dark with a ladder and nail them high up telephone/power polls… :biggrin

Whenever possible, nail your Bandit Signs to a Telephone pole with the big Round head Roofing Nails. Takes a freaking crow bar to get them off!