Secured credit cards

Hi, This may be the wrong place to post; if so, I apologize in advance.

Anyone have any suggestions for a secured card?

I got my kid a bank of america secured credit card at 18. You open a savings, they give you a credit card with a corresponding limit. He got 200. bucks.

One year later, after no late payments they released the savings account and sent a check for it. Then they raised the credit limit to 4500.00 . He’s only 19 in college working part time. Boy was that a blunder.
The card is sitting in my wallet til he gets strong enought to beat me out of it. Boy was that a mistake. But a good way for someone to establish unsecure credit.

I recommend BOA if they are in your area. Then there’s capital one. The unforgiving, high fee, die waiting to talk to a real person bank.


Yes there is, and will do. Hysterical post.

Try Capital One or Providian. If you want more selections, do a search for it on Google. Use keywords such as “secured, credit card, lending tree” .

Stay away from Providian. If you follow the legal notices in the paper, Providian files lots of suits. But, if you stay current –