section 8 the good the bad & the ugly

I ‘v recently purchased a single family home in the Philadelphia Pa area and I’m considering renting it out section 8. Can any one with prior experience in section 8 housing provide me with some advice on the pit falls and advantages to this type of rental program ???
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Steve ???

Even though we enjoy freedom of speech there’s so much you can say that will get you into trouble when it comes to descrimination and a Federal program.

I have had a great experience with Section 8, my partner has not.

I found the local Section 8 offices to be helpful, professional and easy to do business with. The inspectors are also helpful and friendly and don’t have a lot of requirements that would not be necessary in a non Section 8 unit. Plus, the rent comes on time every month. :slight_smile:

Here is the advice. Put the prospective Section 8 applicant through your usual application process. Hopefully, a credit check, face to face interview, employment verification (if applicable)and past landlord references. They should pass the same criteria you use for a non- subsidized tenant.

Don’t just accept a tenant because you think the rent is guaranteed. That might cause some problems down the road.


I don’t do Section 8 – period.

There are many pros to the program and many cons – here in Georgia, if you even suspect a drug issue, you can report it to the program and they will be on the street within three weeks (after an investigation).

Your payments from the program are regular. But, you have to collect the other portion (if any) from your tenants.

I’m a tough landlord who provides a lot of house for my rent. I expect my tenants to take care of my property and pay on time (in addition to following my lease – example: a snake is a pest and not my problem. Sorry you hired a company to ‘find it’ thinking I would pay for it).

If any of my tenants are five days late, my eviction process is started. I don’t want the Section 8 program in my way. I’m currently dealing with a lovely (I truly like these people) tenant who is late, five days and I’ve already started the eviction process. I expect the sheriff out there this week. I just don’t like to have to deal with the government if I don’t have to where it concerns my business.

Good luck to you. Make sure you check out your exact options before you rent to Section 8 tenant. I have fellow investors who absolutely LOVE the program. At this point, I not going there – we have many capable renters.

I haven’t really looked at doing any section 8 stuff, primarily because, apparently here in my market, the inspectors have become increasingly difficult over the past 12 months. Again, this is second hand information, but before I get involved with more government agencies than I need to, I am going to ask a lot of people who are currently doing it to advise me.

we all know the gov’t can be slow and tedious to work with. it might be more pain than it’s worth, i guess is what i am saying.

Yo, Steve I’m also in the Phila market and I have a couple properties in the Program.
I recommend the the program for various reasons. There are more voucher holders than available propeties in our market. Section 8’s portion 0f the rent which is usually 70% or more will be deposited directly into your account,. If you have a problem with the tenants portion you have the right to evict just as with any other tenant. You are able to screen voucher holders just as you would a non-voucher holding tenant.

Voucher holders sign a two year lease minimun. They have the option to stay up to seven years. If you do a good screening that’s two years your property is ocuppied and best case a seven year occupancy.

Voucher holders are required to give you security deposit just as any other tenant. Any damage to the property would be deducted from this deposit.
Inpectors are “white glove” professionals. They inspect with a fine tooth comb and your certain to have corrections to make before you pass,

Expect to make corrections on your property no matter how good the conditions are.


How does one go about getting ahold of Section 8 ? Is it

Thanks guys, I love to get input and insight from individuals with more experience than I.
Hay Dunn Deel how’s the Philly market treating you?
Jkannie the web site for HUD is
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between the REI, cheesesteaks, and Eagles I would have to say great!

Hi there I too am looking into renting to section 8 people because I think the pros weigh out the cons and I’ve found it easier to get information from the local housing authority than it is to go to or whatever the web sit is…just call the local office and tell them what your planes are and they will gladley help you.


I have 4 rental units with section 8.
I like the program.
I have clean properties and I run credit checks.
2-2 br for $600 and 1- 3 BD for $750 and 1-2 bd for $724