Section 8 Tenants

I was thinking about renting to Section 8 tenants so I went to and started puttering around a bit. I found this ad from a tenant I thought people here would enjoy. I didn’t know they were so bold.

My emphasis added.

Im current on section 8 and im getting my voucher april 21st to move I Prefer [i][b]newer home[/b][/i] or [i][b]old home that has been remodeled and[/b][/i] that is [i][b]fully equipped[/b][/i]. So if you have homes available around this time and [i][b]easy qualifications[/b][/i] please let me know. Also [i][b]looking to put liitle down[/b][/i] or [i][b]someone who is willing to work with deposit[/b][/i] thank you :shocked

Ahhh, the mentality of entitlements. Not only do I EXPECT you to give it to me, but I demand it be MY WAY!!