Second Home - loan question

All, please advise on my next step. In August 2005 I bought townhouse that was planned to be a rental property from teh beginning. My loan officer knew about it, but probably because he want to get more % from my loan, he made this loan as for “second home”. After signing all papers and renting this unit out, I went through all papers and found that I signed “Second Home Rider”. basically this paper saying that we should use this property as second home ONLY. I’m planning to refinance this property after 6 month. Is any way I can fix this problem or is any problems I’ll be facing during refinancing? What if I will device do not refinance loan ( I have IO for 5 years 5.5%). Looking for advice.

When you get ready to refinance this make sure you get a non owner occupied rate and it will be fixed.
The lender should not have closed it as a second home, however it will not trigger the due on sale clause so you should be safe until you refinance.
Make sure you know who you are dealing with when you do a mortgage. And by all means don’t close if it is not on your terms.
Good Luck to you.