second deal found

I have a guy who wants to dump a 4 unit 0 down 1144 a month for 30 months then refi. Sounds good to me has a positive cash of 500 a month
so i think i might do it any thoughts?

You don’t give enough information for anyone to make any sort of judgement…

Where is it?

Are all units occupied?

What kind of income does the property generate?

What are the taxes?

Etc., etc., etc…


sorry i am in mich by a college, it rents for 2 k with all 4 taxes are 270 a moth vacancy 150 maint 150 ins 66 so it will net 209 but bottom line could be cleaned up.

With the info you gave it sounds a bit high priced, although we dont know the purchase price because all you gave was the payment. How much?