Seattle-area investment groups

I’ve looked before in Creative Real Estate magazine, but there never seemed to be any investment groups in the Seattle / S. King County area. Anybody know of one or in one ?


Herb in Des Moines (Wa.)

Have you looked in the “Investor Resources” section of this site? I am also looking for groups (in Kitsap County). The ones listed seem to be for landlords, but I plan to contact them in hopes of finding other investors-to-be. Good luck, and I’ll let you know if I find anything in King or Pierce counties.

You might also look at:

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Thank you both for your help. You have saved me a lot of time.

BTW, I had heard of investor groups locally, but they were in Tacoma and Kirkland. Too far, and not nearly as much fun as driving on the Narrows Bridge.

Thanks again

While my step-daughter lives in Seattle and I’ve visited a couple of times, my knowledge of the local geography is limited. Perhaps you can touch base with some of the contact folks for these clubs and find something closer…?


Guess great minds think alike. Exactly what I had planned to do. I figured that even if the meeting sites are too far away, there must be some members much closer to my own area. Already made a list of contact groups and persons.



Hi All,
I just joined this forum and did a search for Kitsap to find this thread. I’m located in Kingston, WA and am thinking about starting a REI website for the area. Any interest out there?


Have you heard of REAPS? I joined this group recently. They meet in Seattle, amd it seems to be a fairly large group. They also offer education and guest speakers. I am in Gig Harbor and would like to meet other investors in my area. Maybe we could start a group?

What is their website?

You can find a listing by state at: