Seasoning Requirements?

Can i wholesale to owner occupants? What is seasoning requirements? Will that be a problem when wholesaling?

It depends on their financing vehicle. If FHA then no.

FHA in particular, and many banks, have seasoning requirements when doing retail (owner/occupant loans). This just simply means that they will not do loans if the house has not been owned for at least that long. FHA currently requires that the home be held for a minimum of 90 days after the title is filed before an application can begin. Some banks like seasoning of 6 months, but depends on the circumstances (such as you can show you did $XXXXX of renovations).

It is possible to do, but generally through local banks and other lenders that are not looking for FHA requirements. The best bet is to contact some of your local, smaller banks, and see what lending programs they have available. Explain what you do, and see if any of them have something that will help you.

You sure can. I wholesale primarily to Owner occupants now. Rarely investors. Small local banks are willing to do the financing on the backend for your buyers without seasoning of title. I have about 7 local banks or credit unions that I bring my buyers to. Slam dunks. I buy and sell them on the same day without any problems.


Go through the phone book and call up a couple mortgage brokers, bankers, or banks and ask them about their seasoning requirements. Tell them you are rehabber and looking to sell the property within 2 months or shorter after purchasing the property. Than go on to ask them what is the shortest perioid of time you can sell the property. If you tell them that you are looking to buy and sell the same day. They might be turned off. Trust me, ive done this before. Go with the former explanation rather than the ladder. Good luck.

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