Seasoned Investors!!!

How do I distinguish which are the seasoned investors and which are the newbies. I would like to learn from a veteran so I would like to offer them deals to work with, but I want to learn from someone who knows what they’re doing. Any ideas?


Glad to meet you.

Real simple just ask where their deals have been record. Then go to the recorders web site in your area and check them out for yourself.

See how many verified deals they have done, this will give you an idea if they are walking or talking.

John $Cash$ Locke

Thanks for the info! How do I go about finding out who records the closings?

Depending on what area of the court your are in, it may be a County Recorders Office, City Register, Registry of Deeds, etc., but just call your local Court House and ask them where deeds are recorded.

Or Google in Recording Deeds, then your state.

John $Cash$ Locke

Lang - I agree with Cash’s comment. It makes sense.

Another thing to consider is that you should not follow someone else’s advise without checking if it makes sense. Even if that person closed a lot of deals he may not be giving you sound advice. I believe each one of us have a little sensor inside that can help us identify BS. We only have to turn it on and listen to it… :O) One way to help our internal sensor is to ask questions… This is what I like in this forum… We can ask questions and people will pretty much share their perspectives… In my case this helps my internal sensor do its job… :O)

Good luck!