Searching for end-buyers

Hello to all;

I do a combination of bird-dogging and assignments. I am currently searching for solid end-buyers for my deals. Any ideas?

You need to find the buyers BEFORE you find the deals.

Go to your local REIA meetings, call I Buy Houses Signs, Look at classified ads in the newspapers for people who are buying, go to foreclosure auctions…find the investor buyers, see what they are looking for and then go find it for them.

My favorite is to call “for rent” ads in the areas where I am getting properties. Those people are landlords (obviously), and some of them would be delighted to pick up another rental in the same area on the cheap.

I have also found it very beneficial to team up with other wholesalers. If I get something under contract, I will let all of the wholesalers know about it, and offer them a cut of the profit if they bring me a buyer. It works out well for all of us.

Steph :cool