Searching for comps

I am new to REI and have a question. Does anyone know a good way to get comp information without having access to the MLS? Internet would be the easiest.

Thanks for your time,

Dan P.

Contact First American Title Company and tell them you are an investor and want to start buying title insurance from them. Ask them if they will give you a deal. Like 40% of base-rate escrow with no sub-escrow on your deals. Then ask the million-dollar question. "Can I have access to “Fast-Web” if I use you for my title insurance? “Fast-Web” will allow you to run title searces and comps from your own computer. If you do business with them, they should give you access. You can try the same thing with Commonwealth Title Company. They use a service called “”.

So contact the title reps from these companies in your area and let us know what happens.

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Jeff Adam

Thanks for your reply, I will try today and let you know.

Jeff, thanks for the help. I called First American and they said I should be setup in a couple of days. Now I just need a property to run comps on…

Thanks again!

For me, running comps via MLS serves the best purpose. MLS listing would require the assistance of a realtor. You could get your listing pretty quick too since realtors would like to make sure that he gets your business in case you decided to buy a house.

But there’s another great reason why I recommend using MLS to get your comps. If you ever found a realtor who’s experienced enough with real estate investing, thats sure great way of expanding your real estate networking. An experienced realtor in your network is such an invaluable asset to make your RE investing easier and more efficient.