Searching Evictions

Anyone have any luck searching court records for evictions to locate motivated sellers? Thanks for the feedback.

That’s the wrong place to look, and if you find anything, the pain is already over for the landlord.

  1. Check the court docket/records for pending eviction cases ( at the courthouse ).

  2. Sift out the corporate plaintiffs. (ABC Management Co., etc.) and copy the addresses for the rest.

  3. Sift out defendants with ‘unit numbers’ in their addresses (these will be apartments most likely) and get the situs address.

  4. Mail a letter/card to the plaintiffs


  1. Meet landlords at court and slip them your business card.

  2. Just for giggles, hand out your credit repair business cards to the defendants.

I get a list from each JP. In San Antonio, TX there are 10 or more single family filings each week at each JP precinct.

Thanks Javipa. Good correction and useful tips as well.