Sealing basements? Commerical

Hello All,
I came seeking advice on commerical construction.
We’re in partners on an old post office building that will be converted to something like an antique/art mall.
My question is this…the basement has some dampness. No heavy water but still musty and damp, so we do have some water getting in. We need to store antiques and especially ART (some very expensive).
We have tried to find a company that can seal the walls from moisture. All we have been able to find is some do it yourself kits that have a tar texture or paint and even though we have a construction company we want someone bonded and insured on this type of work.
We are looking for some ideas on who or what type of business to call. As to date we’re having no luck.
Does anyone know of such a thing or can point us in the right direction?
Great $uccess to All,

Ralph Smoot here in Austin builds concrete done homes nation wide. Part or most of the homes are burried. I helped him one summer and they spread several layers of a rubber substance on all the walls and roof before back filling.

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