Hi newbie here… i just started to post ad’s (we buy house’s etc). i am starting to get some call’s …but not sure i am handling these call’s well. is there any scripts out there (books ,sites,etc) thats usefull for people in lis pendens or just regular people calling to sell there house.

Well, what do you want to know from them?

I usually ask the following, in no particular order just part of the conversation:

I always ask how may I help them and let them tell me what is going on. If they give no no information to help me determine the reason they are selling then I ask.

What is the address?
What is the condition of the house?
how much are you asking us to buy it for?
is that the least you will accept?
do you know how much the house is worth?
how soon do you want to sell?

I then tell them I’ll do some research on the house and call them back in an hour or so.

Now, I personally can find out all kind of information just by having an address so I never even bother asking for loan balance (unless in foreclosure or behind on payments) or the size of the house, bedrooms…etc. I construct an offer while I am with them.

You need to determine the type of information you can collect on your own from an address, and what you need to know upfront.

The most important thing that you need to find out is WHY they are selling. You need to know their motivation before you can help them. It will also help you weed out the people that are just “testing the market.”

After you find out their “why” along with all of the other basic property info. you need to tell them what is in in for them (quick sale, all cash, etc.). Remember, keep their best interest first and the money will come.

Larry Goins also has a good article on this site that has some questions listed that you should ask the sellers.