Scripts for taking phone calls

Ok, I feel a bit silly asking this but does anyone use a script when answering phone calls from potential leads? I think I need something so I don’t forget to ask about an important piece of info. Oh and I was also considering using a virtual assistant at some point and I would need to give her a list of questions to ask. Anyone got something on digits they can pm me?

Thank you!

You need to be more specific. What kind of leads. What’s the objective for them calling? Buying? Selling? Leasing? Renting? Optioning? Lease/Optioning? Sub2? Short sale? Preforeclosure? Which script do you want?

Realy I wasn’t expecting so many thumbs down. Seems like I should save my money and spend it on marketing instead! I guess I was hoping for a confidence booster from the courses and to feel like I finally
know enough to start my marketing campaign as I don’t want to start marketing unless I’ve got a good plan of action in place when I start fielding calls.

Not sure what rockadventure meant by re-posting one of my comments from another thread.

Anyways, I am looking to do cash deals to flip to retail market and sub2’s.

rockadventure go bye-bye…another forum spammer :beer

ok, I found one helpful link that was posted in an older thread.

I don’t plan on reading anything verbatim but just would like something to make sure I hit all the important points. Is there anything besides checking seller’s motivation, the asking price, the address, repair estimate, and mortgage balance?