Script for Wholeseller to call End Buyers

anyone has a script for Wholesaler to call End Buyers?

End Buyers? Or End Users? Or Rehabbers?

Don’t over think it. If you have a deal just call buyers in that area and tell them about it. Make sure you know the ARV, the location (including main streets around it), the condition of the property and just tell them about the deal and be prepared to answer questions. Don’t try to “sell” the deal, just “tell” the buyer about it. If they aren’t into that deal ask if they want to be on your buyers list for future deals. If you don’t have a deal yet then don’t focus on the buyers, work on getting the deal and the buyers will come.

P.S. Local facebook groups for investors is a great way to start to build your buyers list. Again post your deals and the buyers will come.

I just txt my potential buyers. … Say this an nothing more.

I have a beautiful 3/1 on contract at 203 Easy Peazy Ln. It is an 1800 SF ranch style home in a quiet tree lined street and needs minor cosmetic work. Financing to stay in place. It has a 30 yr fixed loan at 5% w 24 yrs and 185,000 remaining on loan and payments are $1,275 PITI.
If you have 10% down you can walk right in with no qualifying and no credit check.
Down payment does not reduce principle and is investors fee. Drive by and then-
Call Rando at 555-5555

On our example here…
The seller walks away with 5 grand survival money, & $2500 to bank for 2 missed payments and how much is left over for our grubby hands?
Some very real scenarios like this cud be the coming norm. Load ur muskets pilgrims.

Create a relationship with your end buyers by asking what THEY want and are looking for. Then let your deals do the talking and if you can provide the product they are looking for, you can count on a prosperous relationship moving forward

Start building rapport & trust right from the start.

Ask them to tell you about the house.

Ask them why their selling.

Don’t forget that in addition to selling the buyer on the property, you also want to screen the buyer to ensure they are experienced and capable of closing. Be sure to ask questions such as how they would finance the property, if they have purchased an assignment before and how many properties they have purchased in the past 12 months.